Our Expertise

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges that business owners face, which helps us design appropriate strategies and solutions. We are motivated by a relentless passion for client service, but we know that passion must be joined with experience and training to deliver results.

Our professionals bring a wide range of business experience to the table, from international accounting firms, publicly traded companies and major consulting firms to colleges and universities. We have a strong commitment to continuing education and encourage our people to pursue advanced degrees and professional credentials. Daily briefings cover current and proposed tax legislation, and our in-house speaker series hosts business and thought leaders who keep our staff members up to date on trends in business and commerce.

In appropriate situations, we team up with a client’s other key advisors from areas like banking, insurance, legal counsel and industry consulting to create a higher level of service. We believe this team approach ensures that all pieces of the financial puzzle fit together in a cohesive, comprehensive plan.

By continuously broadening our knowledge, experience and strategic alliances, The Marston Group is fully equipped to craft customized financial solutions for our clients.