The Marston Group Expands Office Space

While many local companies are closing or merging, The Marston Group PLC is undergoing its third expansion in five years, adding more than 4500 square feet of office space. In a growth mode to service its expanding clientele, the company began renovations in February. Employees were invited to roll up their sleeves, don hard hats, and take turns wielding sledge hammers in a symbolic gesture to start the demolition.

According to Chip Marston, CEO, “The expansion provides not only the necessary amenities for employees and clients, both of whom we value greatly, but also, it allows us to create a professional and productive environment and a great venue in which to conduct business.” In the past, The Marston Group has allowed clients and some non-profit boards, on which their employees sit, the use of their office space for meetings. “We’re fortunate to be able to offer our facilities to them for their use,” Marston says, then happily adds, “Our new enhanced and expanded space will service them even better.”

The expansion was completed in March of this year, and Marston extends an open invitation to “our clients, friends and potential customers” to drop by and tour the new space when in the area.