Visible Music College Board Additions Include Chip Marston

Visible Music College recently voted in Chip Marston, CEO, The Marston Group, Aislynn Rappe’ of Ardent Studios, and Jeff Williamson of Union Avenue Baptist Church to the college’s Board for 2013. The board will be focused on guiding the institution as it works to build knowledge, awareness, and exposure of this unique institution.

Visible Music College was created by Ken Steorts, a musician and former member of the band Skillet, and its curriculum focuses on training the next generation of artists in music, production and business. The name of the college was inspired by Dietrich Bonhoffer who espoused that Christians should be visible in the world.

That is exactly what Steorts is working toward as he expands the college’s reach, opening a second location this fall in Chicago, Illinois. According to the college’s website, enrollment growth will be achieved through partners and teaching sites around the United States and the world.